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10 Best Air Purifiers to Buy in India 2022

The air quality in India has degraded hugely over the last decade. Increasing pollution is the reason behind the reduced quality of the air. The air you breathe contains pollutants, harmful gases, and germs. With the pandemic’s impact, people have become more aware of the air quality. As the virus spreads through the air and Covid is an airborne disease, you cannot take risks. Be careful about the air you inhale and make a wise decision of installing an air purifier in the house or office. Here is a list of the top options to help you make the best purchase.


  1. Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher– The Sharp air purifier captures 99.97% of germs and impurities. The active plasma cluster layering with passive filters ensures the best filtration. Get a UV-light activated filter type in the machine that can cover an area of 450 square feet. The airflow is perfect to ensure proper circulation in the room, with a clean air delivery rate of 306 mt-cube per hour.
  2. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter– Mi is a brand that brings quality and budget in a compact package. The air purifier has smart connectivity, helping you operate with ease. The HEPA filter technology works excellently with an efficiency of 99.97% for particles up to 0.3-micron size. The OLED display exhibits real-time concentration, temperature, and humidity with intelligent features. The CADR is 380 mt-cube per hour for a floor area of 484 square feet.
  3. Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home– The Coway professional air purifier can be the perfect addition to your home for the longest filter life! The green HEPA filter can successfully block 99.99% of particles and germs with the advanced filtering mechanism. The number one brand for air purifiers is affordable and provides allergen-free air for safe breathing. The warranty period of 7 years is the perfect icing on the cake!
  4. Dyson Pure Cool Link AirPurifier – The Dyson air purifier works on an intelligent functioning model and removes 99.95% impurities from the air. It can block pollutants and particles as small as 0.1micron and harmful viruses. The bladeless airflow system at the back ensures proper air circulation with HEPA purifying technology. The intelligent sensors in the machine monitor the air quality and function accordingly for the best outcome.
  5. PHILIPS High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887/20– Philips is a brand you can trust with any kind of electronic appliance. The high-efficiency air purifier provides a smart purification setup to block 99.9% of airborne germs and viruses. It prevents airborne pollutants to spread in the air, for which it can be a perfect addition to your bedroom. Use it worry-free with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years.
  6. Electrolux UltimateHome 300 air purifier– The four-stage filter in the Electrolux air purifier can be an excellent choice for your office room or home. It can cover an area of 276 square feet and restrict the spread of 99.99% of bacteria through air. Get healthy air and a well-circulated room with the spiral circulation technique in-built into the machine. The low-noise machine is perfect for a tight sleep with fresh air.
  7. Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 230V Air Purifier– The Panasonic Nanoe model for air purifier model is ideal for the budget. It has an air ionizer setup inside that filters the air optimally in a room with an area of 215 square feet. You can use it in small study rooms to ensure 3D air circulation with a dust-catching filtration technique.
  8. AmazonBasics Air Purifier with 5-layer Filtration– The multi-layer filtration technique in the AmazonBasics air purifier provides a delivery rate of 360 mt-cube per hour. It has a high-efficiency particulate air filter with a capacity to eliminate 99.97% of bacteria and germs. The carbon filter acts as a shield and eliminates the unwanted odors in the room as well!
  9. Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier– The compact design of the KENT aura room purifier makes it an instant hit among users. The additional features like child-lock for safety make it an excellent choice for families with a kid. The dust collector can remove and trap harmful particles to ensure pure air for breathing.
  10. Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Air Purifier– The Eureka Forbes purifier ensures restriction of H1N1 airborne viruses up to 99.99%. The 6-stage filtration technology comes with a 5 years warranty on the mote. The durable air purifier has a disease protection guarantee with additional features like sleep more, child protection, etc. It consumes only 43 watts of electricity.


Breathe clean with purified air!

It is time to decide wisely and pick the best air purifier from the top ten options! Do you have a favorite brand or model in mind? Get the perfect air purifier for your home or office at an affordable price, and breathe without worries! Enrich your living with fresh air.


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