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Best 10 Gold Pendants to Buy During Festive Season in India

Diwali is the time when you buy gold and ornaments. People buy golden ornaments for themselves and give them to others as well. It is a time to celebrate with your near and dear ones. Is there a better give than the precious golden jewelry pieces? The pendants can be a perfect gift this Diwali. Know the best picks of the festive season to ensure the best buy. The deal gets sweeter as there’s an additional 10% discount with a Bank offer

Joyalukkas Impress Collection 22k (916) Yellow Gold Pendant –

The Joyalukkas Collection with a Ganesh Pendant is an excellent choice for this Diwali. The 22-karat gold pendant contains a beautiful finishing touch. It contains the hallmark of BIS. The yellow gold pendant has a total weight of 1.56grams, making it an affordable choice for the Diwali shopping haul. Get the precious pendant from the impressive collection of the brand with a lifetime warranty.

Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation Metal 24 kt (999.9) Goddess Lakshmi Gold Pendant –

Muthoot gold is a popular brand when it comes to gold jewelry pieces and ornaments. The Lakshmi pendant made with 24-karat gold brings you the blessings of the Goddess of wealth and wisdom. The 14-millimeter pendant weighs 2grams and has a smooth outer surface. The beautiful pendant design is perfect for buying during Diwali.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds 22 KT (916) purity Yellow Gold Malabar Gold Pendant –

Malabar gold pendant with a 220-karat purity assurance is ideal for casual attires. The small but prominent pendant will enhance your look whenever you wear it with a saree or western attire. The 0.59 inches pendant weighs less than 1gram. The assurance of the makers with the brand value makes the gold pendant perfect for purchasing during an auspicious event.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds 22 KT (916) purity Yellow Gold Malabar Gold Pendant –

Malabar gold pendants are also available with the shape and design of the Indian gods. Get the Ganesh Ji pendant with a perfectly crafted design with zero flaws. The BIS hallmarked golden pendant is 0.59 inches in length and weighs 0.36gram. It is a perfect gift for your loved one or child for this Diwali.

Senco Gold Aura Collection 22k Yellow Gold Pendant –

Senco is a brand that anyone can trust without second thoughts. The aura collection from Senco brings a unique balance of traditional design with contemporary reflections. It can be an excellent Diwali gift for your partner or family member, as they can cherish the pendants forever. The 22k pendant has a 2×1.5 cm surface with an overall weight of 2.67 grams. Get a lifetime warranty from Senco with the premium collection.

Bangalore Refinery Metal 2 Gm Round Ganesh 24k (999) Yellow Gold Pendant –

The 2gram Ganesh pendant from the Bangalore Refinery store is a golden ornament you can wear anywhere. It can be a perfect accessory for daily wear and traditional attire. The small but beautifully designed 24-karat golden pendant will be a cherished gift for anyone receiving it. You can enhance your collection as well with the precious pendant!

Senco Gold Aura Collection 22k Yellow Gold Pendant for Women –

The fish-designed pendant from the Senco Aura Collection of pendants is a unique item you can buy this Diwali. Senco is a brand that brings unique golden pendants with a traditional touch, without overlooking the contemporary preference. The fish design is one such gold-made pendant that is popular with women of all ages.

Joyalukkas 22k (916) Yellow Gold Pendant –

A blended making of gold and diamond can bring out a beautiful look for a pendant! The carefully designed gold pendant with small diamonds placed on the surface can certainly enhance the overall look whenever you wear it! The BIS hallmarked diamond pendant with a gold base weighs 1.492grams and belongs to the Bloomz collection from Joyalukkas.

Senco Gold Aura Collection 22k Yellow Gold Pendant –

The Senko Gold Aura Collection contains multiple handmade pendants. Among many such handmade pendants, the leaf-like structure has become the most popular one. The pendant has an overall dimension of 1.5×2.5cm and weighs 5.45grams. Additionally, it offers a lifetime exchange offer from the brand. Is there any better choice to go for?

Senco Gold Aura Collection 22k Yellow Gold Pendant –

Peacock-designed gold pendant from Senco gold contains multiple colors with a Minakari touch. The Aura collection pendant has a total length of 4cm, and width is 2.2cm. It is also a handmade pendant with an overall weight of 5.5grams. the BIS hallmarked yellow gold pendant is a Diwali pick you will cherish forever!

Dazzle with the brightness of gold!

Golden jewelry always associates with something auspicious in Indian culture. Celebrate the festival of lights by dazzling with the shine of the yellow, golden pendants. Buy them from the best brand to get the assurance of Hallmark. Get beautiful designs to flaunt forever.

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